"Text by Peter Verhelst & music by Köhn / 80 min / colour / dvd all areas / english and dutch. "S*CKMYP drops the spectator in a world continuously bombarded with digital fragmentation bombs. People wander through a kaleidoscopic labyrinth of trembling bodies and mutating buildings until they are swallowed by a yawning void. Lost pixels nestle like parasites under the skin and drag them through an everyday world that looks strange beyond recognition. The film is a feverish dream, the loot of a nightly raid on suburban districts and new housing estates. A collection of the stolen dreams, fears and thoughts of its unsuspecting inhabitants that is melted into a new impressive universum. Kurt D'Haeseleer was born in Anderlecht in 1974. Throughout the years he has obtained a worthy status in the world of video-art. He worked with important Belgian artists and realised a serious number of videos that have been exhibited in many international art-expos and museums. He works for some yars now for the Belgian Filmfabriek where finished this project. Kurt D'Haeseleer is also doing the live-visuals on the Tuk performances. Peter Verhelst is a known and excellent writer from Belgium. His text works as a mantra on the movie. Köhn made already 3 cds for (K-RAA-K)3."
in stock | BEL| 2004| K-RAA-K | 13.90

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