""Decomposition I-III" is an experience of sonic realities and aural layers that usually remain undetected by our perception. This collaboration of Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger has brought forth a conceptual piece that leads the listener through three territories antagonistic to human life. Following the subjects "Absence" and "Introspection", "Illusion" concludes the perennial trilogy now released as a sound edition. A live implementation of light, sound and film will be combined to create a unique form of presentation, premiering this year at the Donaufestival 2015 in Krems. Starting with recordings from the Atacama, the driest desert on earth, "Absence" presents a piece of abstract, desolate music that hauntingly extends dark and bizarre over two sides of the record. A brute inferno of noise, recorded inside a telescope during its calibration, eventually dissolves into the surge of the Pacific Ocean. In between, salt-crystals crack through the sunset, erosion gnaws at empty mining villages, nature plays with leftovers of civilization and the wind blows through neglected cemeteries. The second part - "Introspection" starts with a harsh walk over a snowy field, suddenly collapsing into silence. One is thrown into the deep seclusion of a glacial crevasse whose inherent resonances slowly build up. This creates an odd acoustic maelstrom, driven by a peculiar threat that won't let go until a helicopter blows up the silence. "Illusion", the final part, was recorded in Las Vegas in cooperation with German sound artist Christina Kubisch. The city is used as a big synthesizer creating an opulent work in an orchestral manner, yet still following the documentary path. Kubisch recorded electromagnetic signals all over the city, which later on were arranged by Peter Kutin in his studio, using no transformation other than cutting techniques. Occasionally, sound fragments from inside the casinos mix with the electromagnetic fields, proclaiming an acoustically surreal world." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2015| VENTIL RECORDS | 26.90

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