"A new pairing of minds and techniques on a steel-grey voyage across the treacherous Ifingr river. Kiyoharu Kuwayama, master of resonant spaces and junk objects holds the reins over three chapters of spiralling horror and madness. Sounds are coaxed out ashamed and blushing: the syphilitic cough, the cracked shin bone and the greasy sheen of night sweats wired up to a 9 volt battery. Wataru Kasahara plays the mysterious masked man adding stewed tape manipulation to the mix. The brush strokes hint at a moody Goya and his bleak Pinturas negras. Ludo Mich is a ghost, a spectre that adds an ass-hiss, a stain, a pursed lip smacking to the junkyard rumble. Overall the listening effect is startling. Like grasping for a banister when drunk, there is a slo-mo quality, a brief moment of calm before the crash of brittle chin vs concrete steps. It sets up a déjŕ-vu meme with the recurring metallic 'ssschhshh' sound that could come from throat or stoat. Overlaid are saw-tooth waves, sourced from MP3s buried in the garden over a harsh winter. When the ducks loosen phlegm they shit silver dollars. Presently contact mics are attached to submarine hulls somewhere in an undersea canyon and closing the eyes opens up new patterns of pressure-roses blooming red, orange, red. You've not heard a more focused record this year. Coloured white vinyl in a run of 250 copies with inserts by each artist." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| DISCOMBOBULATE | 18.90

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