"Vinyl version of the Neue Berliner Initiative CD release. Kyborg is Andreas Stobernack and Dirk Mitlehner who founded the Kyborg Club in 1995 which was to become one of Berlin's very first techno-lounges. Sarah Marrs is a long-time Chicago expat who comes from the visual and performance art disciplines." (label info) "Cool, minimal techno with the abstract spoken word of Chicago-based poet Sarah Marrs, the third release from the German duo Kyborg is a solid work of textural technoid. Elegant beats, smooth drones and electronic burst are oscillating around the weird and lazy atmospheres of Bask. Sarah Marrs give her voice on four of the six tracks of the EP, she sounds like Lydia Lunch would after a couple of valiums and a bottle of scotch, which adheres perfectly to the synthetic ambience generated by Kyborg's music. Her lyrics are like an heavily mistreated sheet of various words and sentences, curiously assembled by her." (Electroage)
in stock | US| 2001| CROSSTALK | 7.90

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