"The first album bt Lard Free, simply titled Gilbert Artman's Lard Free, is released in 1973 on the Vamp label. It has been recorded and mixed in April that year, the recording session taking place for only 36 hours in a London studio. But that's ebough time for the band to showcase the adventurous spirit of Gilbert & Co. There's drums and sax of jazzy, repetitive inspiration, free-rock guitar licks and an always present AKS synthesizer that produce one of the essential works of Europe's musical avant-garde on its time. After this brilliant recorded legacy, Lard Free split in 1978, with Artman dedicating his time to his more "successful" project Urban Sax." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | ES| 2010| WAH WAH RECORDS | 23.90

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