"First ever reissue, remastered from the original master tapes. Exact replica LP reissue of the mega rare 1974 original issue, LP edition on 180 gram vinyl, with full color, four-panel insert, old-style tip-on gatefold jackets, limited to 500 copies, Rare photos and Jacqueline's remarkable story. Laurence Vanay is the pseudonym for Jacqueline Thibault, wife of producer and musician Laurent Thibault (Magma). Her debut album "Galaxies" (1974) is pure genius: almost all instrumental, with gorgeous keyboards of many types, acoustic/electric guitar, even a little Zeuhl bass. There are wordless vocals on many of the tracks, although she occasionally sings in a soft, seductive manner. Incredible, spacey "avant-garde progressive chanson," a Holy Grail for most collectors of 70's underground French music. Rivaled only by the early work of Brigitte Fontaine for pure inventiveness. Sublime compositions: unique, melancholic and very powerful. "Sounds have always been of special significance to me. Since childhood, I improvised and composed songs and instrumental music... " (label info)
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soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| LION PRODUCTIONS | 26.90

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