"Lawrence La Doux, a Brussels producer who has released under various aliases over the years. Keywords here are Sun, Acid, Mellow, Kick, Distortion, Bounce. Over the years the man now known as Lawrence La Doux has assumed a variety of artistic monikers - Sun OK Papi KO, Jacuzzi Notebook, rbdx - and been a part of various bands - The Fan Club Orchestra, Mouche Man, Baleine 3000. As La Doux he first emerged a few years back, as Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux, with a sound that moulds club tropes like so much plastic material. What you thought you knew wasn't quite what you thought you were getting. A bit like the man himself, his sound isn't what it necessarily first appears to be. He returns in 2014 with Terrestre, a four-track 12" EP for Vlek that further explores dance music possibilities from the comfort of anonymity, shaping styles until the distortion he forces upon them passes from the uncomfortable to the pleasant. Who La Doux is doesn't ultimately matter, despite our modern obsession with creative identity. Sidestepping the pitfalls so many others readily walk into, La Doux lets the music speak for itself, in the process evoking all that is good about being lost in a dancefloor, whether it be in London, Brussels, New York or Berlin." (label info)
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in stock | BE| 2014| VLEK | 9.90

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