"In 1977, seven years after the first wave of modern regional orchestras, the Mali Kunkan record label released another batch of classic recordings from Mali's best regional orchestras. Super Biton National de Ségou, National Badema, Mystere Jazz de Tombouctou, Kanaga de Mopti, Bida de la Capitale, Sidi Yassa de Kayes and Kene Star de Sikasso were each given the chance to release a collection of their own recordings... Under the Kene Star de Sikasso's name, the band released one eponymous LP in 1977 on the fabled Mali Kunkan collection. Opening this record, Hodi Yu Yenyan is the Kene Star flagship song, with the electric organ and the guitars twirling together. Sung in senufo by Francois Ballo, it served to introduce the band's musical aesthetics while extoling the virtues of the senufo culture, a language seldom recorded in Malian popular music of that time." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2014| KINDRED SPIRITS | 16.90

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