"Famously chosen as one of the best Kompakt releases ever by Michael Mayer, Leandro's "Amor International" 12" (KOMPAKT 69) from 2002 struck a perfect balance between deeply felt melancholy and light-hearted cosiness - a major feat in the work from the Buenos Aires-bred producer that can be traced back to his earliest Nineties' outings on Cologne's iconic Traum Schallplatten or the short-lived, but legendary Argentinian imprint Fragil Discos. Having constantly refined his output since these first symptoms, LEANDRO FRESCO can now be considered a true master at his very own craft - the fine art of sculpting free-flowing sound, a task nearly as impossible as stacking water. With EL REINO INVISIBLE, he delivers an enticing and sophisticated narrative wrapped in gorgeous synth explorations - a slowly evolving wall of synthesized textures that certainly knows its way around pop-infused catchiness, but also operates as a collection of profoundly personal mnemonics: "this record is a journey inside my feelings. it's emotional ambient music made at an emotional time in my life", says the producer about the album, "it is a journey through my memories and also the end of an era in my life." (label info) incl. cd version
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| KOMPAKT | 16.90

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