"The sessions for this album came about by coincidence. In April 2013 The Dust were on tour in Europe. We had an unusual show scheduled at a small festival out in the desert near Marrakech, Morocco, which fell in the middle of our tour, and which fell through, as these things often do, at the very last minute, just days before the gig was to take place. It left a big hole right in the middle of our tour. To the rescue came our Spanish tour promoters, Carles and Jordi, who secured for us an apartment in Barcelona for the week, and suggested that we use our downtime to do some recording in a small studio there. The band had a small handful of acoustic shows under our belt by this time, and we were keen for the opportunity to try some recordings in an acoustic setting. Acoustic Dust! We hooked up with Raül Fernandez Refree, our engineer for the sessions. Raul was great in the studio and we all immediately became fast friends. Another friend from Portugal, Joăo Paulo Feliciano was also in Barcelona at the time, and we invited him in to add some Hammond Organ. In four or five days we tracked 14 or 15 songs, choosing some from my album 'Between The Times And The Tides', plus a few from the record we were still working on at the time, 'Last Night On Earth', and some cover songs too. After the sessions we hit the road again with our electric instruments to finish our tour, and slowly over the following months plans were made for Raul to mix the music for release. You hold in your hands the fruits of those acoustic days in Barcelona, I hope you enjoy them." (Lee Ranaldo) also available on CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2014| EL SEGELL DEL PRIMAVERA | 23.90

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