"'L'Amerique is a theater soundtrack from a play by Angela Richter and Ted Gaier which debuted in Hamburg/Germany in March 2003. The CD features music between punk, chanson and agit-pop by the band Le Robespierres (feat. members of Die Goldenen Zitronen aka Golden Lemons) and Melissa Logan (of Chicks On Speed) with lyrics in English, German and Spanish and spoken word passages adapting the likes of Franz Kafka, Eldridge Cleaver, Martin Luther King and IC. Boyle. 'L'Amerique is a propaganda operette' with explicit political content, moving away from postmodernism, and structured around the topic 'America'. A document of collective intelligence between theater, music and art. The CD comes in a very special packaging based on exclusive drawings by the renowned German artist Daniel Richter."
in stock | DE| 2003| CHICKS ON SPEED | 15.90

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