"R&S sister label Apollo are very proud to announce a four-track EP from James Leyland Kirby. Mastermind behind arch sonic provocateurs V/Vm as well as the more contemplative The Caretaker and The Stranger, Kirby has been responsible for some of the most unique, subversive and moving electronic music of the past two decades. Following a quiet 2012 and 2013, the EP marks both his Apollo debut and his first release since 2011 under the Leyland Kirby alias - an outlet for his most personal and reflective work. Like 2011's acclaimed Intrigue & Stuff series, its four tracks flit between moods, from gorgeous, skin-prickling surges of ambience to cryptic rhythms and intricate, jazzy techno. As with all of his Leyland Kirby music, they're played in a manner so tactile and reflexive as to seem like direct reflections of his thoughts and memories. The melancholic drift of 'Breaks My Heart Each Time' builds to an dense, harrowingly beautiful climax, while 'Last Ditch Legacy' strafes a watery beat with blast upon blast of overdriven fuzz. 'Diminishing Emotion' strips away everything save soft synthlines that trace glowing arcs through an otherwise silent world." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| R&S | 8.90

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