"It's all in there, somewhere. Or at least I've fooled myself into thinking that it is. 'All,' referring to the accumulated chops and gestures and signeage and grooves and grooves denied that have accrued over the course of Jan St. Werner's tenure in Mouse on Mars, Microstoria, and as Lithops. (The name of Jan's solo work has always struck me as deceptively gentle. Lithops are plants from Namibia and South Africa also known as 'living stones' for their--ding!--deceptive appearance.) It's all in there, or much of it, on Mound Magnet. More so than on the other Lithops releases, each of which could be said to comprise a narrower set of oft-ludic investigations. If I think I hear it all in there, what else am I hearing? Uni Umit, the first Lithops record on Moikai; Mouse on Mars' Idiology; the rubber-bandish electric guitar that leads off MoM's Niun Niggung; much besides. Hearing it all in less a matter of being fooled than of Non-renunciation. That's something that has kept me coming back to each new record of MoM/Microstoria/Lithops. Jan St. Werner is less the perpetual refugee from and much more perpetually astride these multiple musical worlds." --David Grubbs
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2006| THRILL JOCKEY | 16.90

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