"A Fire is a single-sided LP by master guitarist Loren Connors. Recorded live in Philadelphia in 2010, this 23 minute piece follows in the style and visual presentation of Connors' recent Red Mars CD. Instead of sculpting multilayer tape-recorded pieces, the NYC guitarist is expounding on spontaneous sound, either rattling screams from his Stratocaster or bending the avant-garde blues style synonymous to him since the late 1970s. For those who have never witnessed Connors in concert, this recording is a forceful and right-on document of his always flourishing powers and magic. A Fire is pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a one-time edition of 350 copies. Jacket and insert handscreened by Alan Sherry/Siwa." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2011| FAMILY VINEYARD | 17.90

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