"forced nostalgia make their first physical impression of 2012 with a vinyl edition of a mystical 1986 tape by gamelan enthusiast and berlin school composer loren nerell. a contemporary of steve roach and collaborator with steve reich, kronos quartet, paul haslinger and l. subramaniam, nerell has a richly varied musical background including research into analog synthesis, and the micro-tonal techniques of harry partch, complemented by his studies in anthropology and ethnomusicology. the bat-eared forced nostalgia imprint have shrewdly selected his debut release - an enigmatic and hypnotic side sonically and spiritually located somewhere between craig leon's 'nommos', 23 skidoo's 'urban gamelan' and tangerine dream's 'rubycon' - for reissue. utilising studio skills as a sound designer at oberheim electronics, together with his masters studies in balinese ceremonial music, nerell created an enveloping rhythmelodic experience with the help of contributors steve roach, richard burmer and ann dejarnet. it's a vivid glimpse of a future past, re-implanted in the present and highly recommended to all sonic time-travellers." (boomkat)
in stock | UK| 2012| FORCED NOSTALGIA | 19.90

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