"From Colombia, Los Pirańas unveil a glorious lysergic surprise: an uninhibited, frenetic and noisy study on the psychedelic connections between champeta, Afrobeat, rock and cumbia. Featuring members of Frente Cumbiero, Meridian Brothers, Palanca and Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato. For over 20 years, Eblis Alvarez, Mario Galeano and Pedro Ojeda have been exposed to Latin American tropical genres such as vallenato, Peruvian chicha, raspa, champeta, along with African music and different types of cumbia (rebajada, villera, sabanera). All these styles are part of the new approach Los Pirańas offer within today's frenetic music scene in Colombia. The sound in "Toma tu jabón Kapax" is deliberately strident but nevertheless can be danced to. On one hand, it retains the dense cadence of Andrés Landero's legendary cumbia bass sounds and the marked percussion of Afrobeat and champeta. On the other hand, verging towards rock and electronica, Los Pirańas resort to an out of control computer and the distorted chaos of a guitar that owes as much to surf music as it does to Peruvian chicha." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| VAMPISOUL | 16.90

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