"Lowfish is perhaps Canada's most well known electro producer and something of a genre-straddling oddity. His clinical but catchy tracks are both very 'new school' and built from the DNA of early IDM and new wave. The weapons of choice are what they have been from the start: semi-operational analog synthesizers, temperamental TR drum machines and scratchy recording gear all forced into the computer. The name Lowfish came from the concept of using mostly low quality equipment. The result being a production aesthetic that is lo-ish. Since 1995, Lowfish has released 4 full-length CDs/LPs and a stack of 12" singles on labels including Suction, Erstaz Audio, Vinylogica/Clone and Satamile. He's remixed for labels including Morr Music, Ghostly International and even the National Film board of Canada and has released scores of tracks on compilations for respected labels in the UK, Germany, Belgium and the US." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| SATAMILE RECORDS | 13.90

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