A coproduction Césaré, La Muse en Circuit, Ensemble Laborintus. Ensemble Laborintus : Hélčne Breschand : harp. Philippe Cornus : percussions. Sylvain Kassap : clarinets. Adeline Lecce : cello. Franck Masquelier : flutes. & eRikm : cd player on 'Archives sauvées des eaux'. 1.'Et tournent les sons dans la garrigue (1977) (Réflexion sur l'écriture n°1)'. ("and sounds are spinning in the garigue") For tape and instrumental ensemble. The idea here is to propose a score of intentions and desires of sound < a tape part that indicates materials, forms and general ideas that combine to create meaning. Communication among the musicians is key as they choose the way they realise or "invent" the piece. 2. 'Archives sauvées des eaux (2000-2005) (Exploitation des concepts n°3)'. ("Archives rescued from the waters (exploitation of concepts #3)") Version for two cds and instrumental ensemble. Two Cds contain sequences over which the instruments improvise < little bits of magnetic memory rescued from a flood. The ensemble must stay together, but can otherwise do as it pleases, occasionally slipping in quotes from Patajaslocha, a dance suite composed in 1984. This version was prepared with Luc Ferrari during the summer of 2005. He was to perform the CDs part himself, but he passed away six days before the recording. (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | ROM| 2006| CÉSARÉ | 13.90

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