"The hottest Ad Noiseam discovery of 2004 is back. Following shortly his 12" "When I'm 6" (Ad Noiseam adn41), NYC's Matthew Peters offers here his debut full length album, in which he shows with insolent talent that Mad E.P. is far from being a one trick project. Juggling between the syncopated rhythms and cut ups of tracks such as "Hz" or "Den-m", he confronts MC Equivalant's vocals on several rich pieces of electronic hip hop, before resting with the relaxed and warm tones of "Saill on" and "Dana's calming effect on a mad mind" and finally unleashing massive beats and hostile breaks on the closing and shattering "Scab removal technique" and the merciless "Get with rats". Matthew Peter's taste for well chosen collaboration is also here once again to all to witness. Not only does he pair with MC Equivalant under the Mad EQ moniker on several tracks, but he also worked with Jason Forrest / Donna Summer on one ("Live till I rot"), with Exillon ("Scab removal technique"), Mathhead ("Saill on") and his own improvisation band, the Manhattan Gimp Project (on "Ride_072902"). Mad E.P. is here to stay. This has been said before and will be said again. Combining the rich, diverse and musically very mature work on "Eating movies" with numerous concerts and the impressive feedback given to the previous "When I'm 6" (qualified as "one of the essential alternative hip hop records of 2004"), "Eating movies" is here to marvel at, to enjoy, to head nod and dance to, to scare and impress." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2004| AD NOISEAM | 13.90

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