"New reissue of the second (and all-time best) Mako album, originally issued by Japanese Polydor in 1975. From the liner notes: "Mako's music possesses a certain strange kind of texture. It's certainly is what they call rock, but contains elements that we can't describe so succinctly. It clearly goes beyond the various genres of music, and while full of them all, it sends forth a fierce glow. This 'Super Record' shows Mako looking down upon the earth from above, wandering through Alaska and Siberia, the Near East, Okinawa, and South America. Adding to the variety of folk music of India, Turkey, and Russia, his mandolin or Taisho koto, and especially his marvelously performed guitar, expressing fully the odor of the soil and mankind's universality." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| PHOENIX | 19.90

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