"In the late sixties, while everyone seemed to be adapting to the English-speaking world's dominion over French music, Christian Vander set up the group Magma and affirmed his commitment to produce a different kind of music, with an essentially European identity. When he made "Kobaïa", his first (double) album, released in 1970, he succeeded beyond anybody's wildest expectations. A 'Cry' of rebelliousness and hatred against this Earth which stifles and conditions man, Magma's music blends very diverse influences, from Stravinsky to Bartok, from Bach to Coltrane, from jazz to rhythm 'n' blues and rock, producing a totally new musical discourse which, although it might seem disconcerting at first, soon reveals unexpected wonders. While the instruments the band calls on are quite classic, the way they are used brings this record its 'revolutionary' character: the unrelenting rhythm section plays in a totally novel binary style, the brass instruments hit us like a tidal wave with a hitherto unheard-of discourse, and the totally unique vocals call on an invented language, as if to tell us that from now on, everything will be different. " (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2015| JAZZ VILLAGE | 23.90

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