"Released back in 1985 as a tribute to John Coltrane, "Merci" was the latest studio effort by Magma, produced just before Christian Vander turned to his new project "Offering". Recorded from June 1982 to October 1984, at the Davout studios in Paris, with the help of a big bunch of musician friends, it illustrates perfectly how Magma's electric music has moved unabashed towards a more acoustic peaceful place, where lies "Offering." The album has two built-in parts, the first four tracks introduce Magma 's early 80s rhythm'n'blues beginnings, a swing machine of stunning melodic variety, drenched in soul, with ornate brass arrangements and a breathtaking choir; then two tracks, where the music is stripped back to the barest, suggesting an insight into what "Offering " would be : reaching inside the human soul by looking for musical beauty in the simplicity." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2015| JAZZ VILLAGE | 18.90

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