"And here they are, spiralling thru their own universe but still occasionally sending a missive back down to earth. This one was recorded summer '03, after an intense period of touring (which also resulted in the Major Stars/Comets On Fire live split LP) and just before an intense period of reflection (read: inactivity). Somewhere during the latter they realized they had made a record, and finally we bring it to you. Calls for increased fidelity have not fallen on deaf ears: 4 brings them to the world of 24-track recording for the first time, finally getting their studio sound close to their live onslaught. Musically they continue to hit all points a little harder each time, with open-stringed folk melodies getting pummeled on the Who/Cream/Hendrix anvil 'til you think modal and heavy have always coexisted. Their best yet? You bet. Should they go deaf, it was all for you." (LABEL INFO) special price while stock last
in stock | US| 2005| TWISTED VILLAGE | 8.90

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