MINERVA, MARIA - BLESS (12" - USED vg+/m-)

"Fresh again, SILK's favorite dunce-dance diva Maria Minerva tries on a new wardrobe with her Bless EP. Busting out with sweet n' swingy single "Black Magick," Minerva caters her classic la-la lyrics about an occult/joke-cult romance over a new waif, Schneider-esque pop-Rock Lobsta beat. "Space 4 U" slips echo-drone vocal monologues over a LaFace-style RnB booty bumper, while "Symbol of My Pleasure" sneers with a "Walk This Way" funk lick, both reminding fans of Minerva's naughty/playful creep-creativities. Rounding out the EP are "Soul Searchin" - a sleazy, down-tuned, junk-jungle comatose doser - and Lady Blacktonika's "Black Magick" Garage trippin' remix - a layer cake of luscious tush pushin' and an ode to another sassy Lady, Miss Kier herself. Confidence is key, and this is Maria Minerva struttin,' on and off key, through her newest collection of Wand Songs." (label info)
in stock | US| 2013| vg+/m-| 100% SILK | 15.00

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