"70 min animation movie. Directed by Mariola Brillowska, Music by Juergen Hall. DVD 16:9, language: german with english subtitles, rated PG 18. In her work entitled CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL, the provokingly feminist animated filmmaker, poetess, performance artist and professor Mariola Brillowska, addresses the concept of the family and unites different literary texts to this end. As the Future President of the United Universe, Brillowska takes her courageous audience on a bizarre journey from Lodz in Poland trough Israel, Finland, Ukraina, African Spain back to Germany. She presents stories of prematurely awakened sexuality, violence and ambivalent forms of lust. As always, the filmmaker defends her unconventional style heavily armed: with blazing, shrill colouration techniques, bewildering hybrid mutants, a flood of messages in both image and sound, breaking the moral barriers between reality and delusion. This daring experiment of perception by an unconventional artist is bound to stir up controversy. The model of the family is outdated in Old Europe, states Mariola Brillowska during her provocative literary trip throughout Europe while researching family structures and the future of the family in the 21st century. They are based on texts by contemporary European authors like Manuela Gretkowska (Poland), Orly Castel-Bloom (Israel), Eduard Limonow (Ukraina), Fernando Arrabal (Spain), Sibylle Berg (Germany). The interludes between the episodes are presented by Mariola Brillowska, acting as the Future President of the United Universe." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| INTERPOL | 14.90

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