"Attack on Silence brings together a series of works by British artist Mark Fell exploring the relationships between geometry, color and waveform. These works have been shown around the world as performances, installations and in print. For the past decade Fell has been one of the leading innovators in the fields of experimental electronic music and sound art. Mark Fell is one half of SND. Sacred geometries, and their sonic equivalents, are said to mirror the micro and macroscopic structures of the physical world; the complex harmonies of the Tibetan singing bowl allow access to the deepest levels of the consciousness inducing meditative states that transform the very being of their participants. In the modern reciprocals of these technologies the sacred metals and antique art of the singing bowls give way to the magic of digital synthesis as sacred geometry gives proxy to psychophysiology and the cognitive neuroscience of brainwave entrainment." (label info) Limited edition of 1000 copies.
in stock | US| 2008| LINE | 21.90

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