"Seven years after Talk Talk's final record, 'Laughing Stock', Mark Hollis completed this self-titled solo album, the last thing he has put out to date. Where his previous bands music started as hard synth pop and disintegrated into abstraction, Mark Hollis begins with silence, a full 20 seconds of room ambience. This silence breaks into compositions sprinkled with woodwinds and acoustic guitars. The album is relentless in its tranquility, nestling through contemplative moments without hurry before moving on. Hollis pushed his desire for an open record that nonetheless sounded utterly real and natural, and he achieved something that could just as easily pass like a wisp as endlessly be marveled at for its artistic splendor. Available for the first time on vinyl in the US, Mark Hollis has never sounded better, with every piece of each song coming into focus with striking clarity. No other record captures the nothing of everything this beautifully." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| BA DA BING | 19.90

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