"Jeanne of the Dark is an exploration of the image of the vamp. Rather than tell a story, composer Marko Ciciliani has created an unconventional artwork that derives its imagery and its sound world from a range of reference points transgressing stylistic and cultural boundaries, from vampire movies to eroticism, from heavy metal to cannibalism. The work is structured in four large panels. Musically, Jeanne of the Dark sucks blood from a range of innocent and not-so-innocent victims. The line-up of Bakin Zub (electric violin, electric guitar/bass guitar, synthesizer/electronics and percussion) resembles a rock band more than a contemporary music ensemble; the virtuosic and fully-notated score flits over and between the worlds of Heavy Metal and Goth, the easy-listening schmooze of porn soundtracks, the sharp edges of present-day electronica, and much else. The result is a haunting and multi-layered world that is both entertaining and provocative." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| AHORNFELDER | 12.90

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