"German ambient-connaisseur and soundpoet Marsen Jules is well known for his releases on City Center Offices, Kompakt or his own label Oktaf Records. On stage he often combines his atmospheric soundscapes with live musicians. A steady formation is the Marsen Jules Trio, which features the twin brothers Anwar Alam and Jan-Philipp Alam on piano and violins accompanied by Jules restrained live-sampling, bowed percussions and singing wine glasses. For tours and festivals the Trio already played in the US as well as in Canada and all over Europe. With their debut-album "Présence Acousmatique" on Oktaf Records the musicians bring their "acoustic presence" to CD for the first time. It features six highly atmospheric soundsculptures between ambient, avantgarde-classic and modern jazz." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| OKTAF | 14.90

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