"'The Twilight Zone' is a cornucopia of space age sounds and great Space Age Pop names. We hear Jerry Murad on harmonica, Mundell Lowe on guitar, Lois Hunt taking care of the ethereal wordless vocals, Harry Breuer playing the vibes and Phil Kraus on miscellaneous percussion. The album also earns a footnote in musical history as one of the very few recordings to use a serpent, the traditional folk instrument, that is. There is so much percussion, in fact, that at times this sounds like "jungle exotica" gone to outer space! Special effects are attributed to Attilio J. Macero. Song selections include 'Forbidden Planet,' 'The Unknown,' 'The Moon Is Low,' and 'Far Away.' The industrial sounding arrangement on the latter is referred to in the liner notes as a "tuned motorboat". The effect laden 'Night On Bald Mountain,' featuring screams by vocalist Lois Hunt and electric guitar by Lowe, is another highlight. Originally released on Columbia Records in 1960." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | ES| 2014| SONITRON | 20.90

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