"One artist Martyn's united with time and time again is Brainfeeder leader Flying Lotus. A close friend within whom he's always found creative alliance, the two decided to join forces on Martyn's sophomore album this September. With Ghost People, Martyn pulls Brainfeeder out of L.A. and straight into the fluorescent bounce of West London's 2-step, massaging the darker edge of Croydon's dub roots, and D'n'B's otherworldly and sci-fi sonics, while simultaneously moving through the grit of Detroit's mechanic grooves, and into the freewheeling vibe of Berghain. Yet, all the while, he maintains Brainfeeder's spirit of wild experimentalism and - as the title of his We Are You In The Future suggests - sense of futurism at the forefront, with each of the album's unpredictable tracks.!" (label info) comes with download code
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2011| BRAINFEEDER | 21.90

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