"Stab City", the third record by NYC-based Math Head finally sees the light of the day, two years after his releases on the Reduced Phat and Terminal Dusk imprints. And still, Ben Deitz (Math Head) has been everything but silent in the meanwhile: tearing up the clubs as a founding member of the Trouble & Bass crew in New York or trying himself at electro with a release on Kitsuné, this producer has taken great steps towards recognition, and definitely made a name for himself across the board. A follow-up of sort to Math Head's "Dirty Deeds" 12", "Stab City" presents his progress at creating obsessive, detailed and scraping heavy dubstep material. Full of changes, uncommon sound and clearly bringing some fresh ideas to the genre, the two main tracks of this release combine the complexity of Math Head's approach with his acute sense for dancefloor-material." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| AD NOISEAM | 7.90

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