"Great concrete sound-poetry from Marc Matter of Germany, digging deep into the Henri Chopin tradition of mining raw and visceral sounds from the manipulation of voice, here Matter uses records of his own vocals and manipulates them on turntable. Really great stuff." (label info) "I have been working as a turntablist since 1997 as a member of institut fuer feinmotorik. A few years ago i started to do DJ-Sets with sound-poetry records, and that evolved into the current project VOICEOVER in which i use mainly my own voice recordings (often based on the original lettrist-alphabet of voice-noises, coughs, sighs and hisses) and try to alienate them using turntablist manipulations (cuts, speed-variations, some effects from the mixing-desk etc). Concerning compositional approaches for this release i sewed together some improv-sessions rather having patterns of spoken-word in mind than musical structure." (M.Matter)
in stock | UK| 2014| CHOCOLATE MONK | 7.50

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