"The third element in their new public artwork 'Yird Muin Starn' (old Scots for Earth Moon Star) this album of cosmological songs and sonified constellations is Matthews McIntosh second space related release. Composed and engineered by Matthews from field recordings gathered all over the Galloway forest then processed using star data of regularly seen constellations, we also hear a breathless account of the Possil meteorite, (the only meteorite ever recorded landing in Scotland), a song about photons, a song about the depiction of the genitalia of humans on the Pioneer Plaque, and an ode to Neil Armstrong. The tunes were created using an Elka organ and fiddle together with the sonification of constellation data so producing swathes of electroacoustic noise and textures. With cosmological lyrics written by McIntosh inspired by the likes of Hamish Imlach and Matt McGinn, it's a thrilling development in the long term collaboration of these undefinable artists. Yird Muin Starn is situated in the Galloway Forest, SW Scotland, Europe's first Dark Sky Park. Due to its location, size and shelter from local urban light pollution the park hosts some of the most astonishing and pristine views of the cosmos. It is also a working forest and supplies 1/6th of the UK's timber. McIntosh and Matthews have worked in conjunction with the Forestry Commission Scotland for almost two years to develop this work, which has been supported by Creative Scotland through the Vital Spark award scheme. It's three elements together combine to celebrate the Dark Sky Park as a gateway to the universe and facilitate its enjoyment in real terms. Making Spacesuits for environmental comfort, Sky Gazer chairs for reclined contemplation, and this vinyl Album of space inspired music and songs, the trinity of works link together to form an interactive whole for anyone, each interlocking with the other but also functioning in isolation." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2013| ANNETTE WORKS | 23.90

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