"Mauro Pawlowski is best known for playing skronky guitarriffs in various Belgian bands such as dEUS, Othin Spake, Evil Superstars, Club Moral and others... On his own he is notorious for being an unpredictable master of puppets who simultaneously oozes freshly demented nursery rhymes and weird avant-rock from his trousers. Untertanz is a collection of live performances that capture his free jazz take on madman rock 'n roll. Ranging from abstract spooky blues to musique concrčte made for stampeding schoolgirls to wonky dances of death, this album captures Pawlowski at his most alchemic and complete. Limited to 735 copies with silkscreened artwork." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2008| AUDIOMER | 15.90

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