"Max Turner's solo debut is bound to be drenched in mystified humor and luscious word-smithery. Being raised bilingually, in Germany, left the lyrical vehicle open to either language for this half Scottsman, but Deutsch never really inspired Max to sing or rap in, although "the purple pro" is undeniably Kraut, musically speaking. Having played something stupid like 150 shows, in the past 1 and half years, this gypsie-cat is currently based on planet earth, somewhere in the vicinity of Barcelona. For those who know Turner they might think back his work with Marcus Rossknecht as METEORITES which spawned "dub the mighty dragon", the seemingly endless array of collaborations (with friends like schneidertm, dj rupture or matias aguayo) or his suspected involvement in all-star rap-ensemble PUPPETMASTAZ from berlin. But this record is the first to see him have a go at handling instrumentals on top of spitting rhymes and shows off a lot more sound-fuckery than prior works. The whole thing seeming more like a lone venture through word, sound and song-writing with the outcome always hinting towards a rugged acoustic dimension rather than a digital universe. The record features SCHNEIDERTM dropping a cachon-jam on "phantompower" and DWAYNE SODAHBERK who plays a role in the nebulous guise of the title theme aswell as the prior. Otherwise this very personal album shows off no well known guests and there's no sign of other vocalists what so ever. All released on Turner's newly born brainchild METABOOTY this thing is bound to make sense to the kids in 2067. "meta" meaning above or beyond in greek, and "booty" as in treasure (original meaning!) or ass (depending on whether you perceive asses as treasurable) - but what METABOOTY really stands for is the musical knowledge that accumulates over the years that makes one the musical pirate one is - here goes for last years meta-crop!" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| METABOOTY | 12.90

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