"Maxmillion Dunbar's House of Woo is raised on a solid foundation of love. Maxmillion Dunbar is one half of Beautiful Swimmers and the don behind the Future Times record label. A background wound around MC skills and a side hustle DJ'ing disco, Dunbar first tried his fingers at programming hip hop beats, eventually introducing his rogue breed of house music to the dance world via 2010's Cool Water. Crafted with skeletal kick patterns and dark, head nodding beats, the album and surrounding 12s simmered under sparsely placed, shadowy samples. HOW counters Cool Water's darkness with shimmering, dazzling light. HOW is a pure blast of bliss inspired by Dunbar's deeply rooted relationship with his girlfriend. Themes of their devotion never appear lyrically on HOW, but they ebb in the album's emotional flow. The couple even collaborated on the Woo 12? b-side "Shampoo," the last track recorded after two months of sessions at their home. HOW's architecture is free of fabricated rigidity, but it does bare structural resemblance to some of dance music's outer limit moments. Theo Parrish's narrative masterpieceParallel Dimensions is touchstone on a track like "Coins For The Canopy," while the cerebral techno of Newworldaquarium takes moving, grooving form on "The Figurine" and album namesake "Woo"." (label info) also available on CD. recommended
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| RVNG INTL. | 25.90

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