"Slamming Dutch Breakcore for the Teddy Riley on crack in all of us. So-called intelligent dance music is for old ladies and paperboys, improve your groove and get this shit in your earhole QUICK. Chilly willy melodies and ice cold beats to shiver your spine armored axe, while you hack at the triggidy trolls and pillage the land with your guild of stank armored pig-grilled saxon hammers and pigtailed maiden coochie, you will need this. Phantom fresh programming and a sense of severity like no other, defile your mommas speakers the right way, do it with Meander on Low Res. Designed to play at volume levels of "11" or greater, this is what the real shit sounds like son, take a lesson, yes, yes, y'all." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| LOW RES | 7.90

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