"Mica Levi more or less owned 2014 with the release of that astonishing soundtrack to Jonathan Glazer's 'Under the Skin', followed by this hour long album-cum-mixtape for Demdike Stare's DDS imprint which was released at the end of the year and sold out in a flash. It has now been reworked for this vinyl edition, and then given a full remaster by Matt Colton. Mica is an artist who basically seems to channel attention deficit into exploring and re-shaping a myriad musical ideas and directions without bound - sometimes all at once. She's an artist who has by her mid-20's merged the disciplines of codeine-laced cough syrup-drankin' early '90s Houston HipHop legend DJ Screw, with the rarified sound of London Sinfonietta on her incredible 'Chopped & Screwed' album. And this hour-long session is perhaps the best thing we've heard from her yet. More or less split into three seamless segments referenced in the title, it journeys out from tense, concrete-fuelled strings to brilliantly ramshackle tape beats and odd pop edits - all brand new work from Mica herself, spooled through her singular, totally inimitable box of tricks." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2015| DDS | 26.90

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