"Michaela Melián spoke with filmmaker Alexander Kluge, Edgar Reitz, Josef Anton Riedl, Hans-Jörg Wicha and Kurd Alsleben about their multimedia film project Varia Vision - Unendliche Fahrt (Varia Vision, Endless Journey, 1965), the Studio for Electronic Music and the Ulm School of Design. The work Varia Vision - Unendliche Fahrt was intended as a statement against the rigid peepshow principle of the cinema, providing non-stop audiovisual impressions on the theme of travel to an unbroken flow of visitors moving through the exhibition hall. For Rückspiegel (Rear-View Mirror, 2008), Melián conducted interviews with the makers of Varia Vision, filmed actors reciting these interviews. The characters speak in turn about their project and about formulating a mission statement at the Ulm School of Design - shut down while they were teaching there in the 1960s due to political disagreements - to offer a vision of the future of film whose full scope still hasn't been realized today." (label info) 72 pp., in german and english
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