"With Folio, Touch introduces a new series of bespoke hardback book and CD publications, produced to the highest specifications and continuing 33 years' experience of audiovisual publishing. This first release, 'Halfway to white' is a collaboration between singular photographer Joséphine Michel and acclaimed musician and sound artist Mika Vainio. Joséphine Michel's images reframe our perception of the visual by exploring the notion of 'sonic photography', her subjects being exposed according to the resonance of the noise-fields felt at her chosen locations. Michel subtly brings to light the inflections of sound - its tones and pulsations - in a setting that has often been considered one of the most silent visual arts. This work is mirrored by Mika Vainio's five original compositions, his recordings poised between an environmental hold and atmosphere, whilst suggesting an extra-sensory world and a dream-state in parallel to the 33 haunting photographs that make up this ensemble." (label info) 60 pp. hardback book & 60 min. CD, bound in grey linen cover, edition of 500 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2015| TOUCH | 52.90

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