"With Mike Hansen's "At Every Point, the Toronto-based musician steps out of his familiar role of turntablist-improviser to explore the possibilities of a purely digital medium. While each of these five compositions is clearly sequenced, the improviser's sense of openness and play consistently comes through. The raw materials of Hansen's compositions are the sounds of cowbells, harmonicas, Vietnamese drums, an electric guitar and amp, and of course sounds and samples captured off a set up of prepared turntables, reassembled from the kind of rugged record players kids played with in grade schools across Canada in the 1970s. The compositions of "At Every Point" avoid making a grand statement - say, a theme followed by variations - in favour of exploring textures and moods: the introspective "An Example of What I Meant", the brash nod to the rock and roll drum solo in "Once Held a Lighter High in the Sky", the between-waking-and-dreaming of "The Alarm Went Off Sooner than Expected", the overt minimalism of "Tidying Up After". Yet it is the lack of a grand statement that allows the listener to focus on the depth of each detail." (label info)
in stock | ES| 2006| ETUDE RECORDS | 10.90

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