"At this late date, anyone who hasn't yet heard of Miminokoto simply hasn't been paying attention to (or has no interest in) the Japanese psychedelic underground. In all respects a super-group (with ties to LSD-March, White Heaven, Broom Dusters, Aihiyo, Chie Mukai, High Rise, etc.), Miminokoto has quickly earned a name for itself with its restrained, Velvets-influenced sound (as opposed to the all-in-the-red, fuzzed-out approach so common to so many other Japanese psychedelic groups). With most of their releases available only from Japan (at high import prices), Last Visible Dog once again offers a domestic-priced alternative in the form of Orange Garage, a top-notch live release that rivals Miminokoto's studio efforts. Featuring three songs unavailable anywhere else (one over 16 minutes), and revamped 'heavier' versions of some of the band's best numbers, Orange Garage is perhaps Miminokoto's most immediate and well-balanced release to date." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 2005| m-/m-| LAST VISIBLE DOG | 10.00

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