Miriam de Waard (1970 - ne Van der Lee) started playing the piano at the age of 7, but in recent years she gave up to devote her time to electronic composition. Since three years she works on a series of compositions devoted to round sounds (marbles, bowls, loops), but that is far from complete. Recentely she finished her first release, which is a radical free interpretation of Ludwig Van's famous 'For Elsi'. This piece was commisioned by her daughter (1999) and is for most a work of joy - combining ultra sound, samples, electro-acoustic sound and domestic soud. By some categorization, this could be classified as Plunderphonics, but it's less the social and satyrical implications of plunderphonics. (labelinfo) cover used
in stock | NL| 1999| STAALPLAAT | 3.00

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