"At the moment Mirko Uhlig and N are setting off together for the field trip. First contact came about some initially anonymous disptach-coincidence at the end of 2006. But before the grapes of (factual) collaboration get thrown under the feet of the listenership, the split-concipated single "Sanddorn" ("sea buckthorn") presents the current motives of the two artists as short essences filtered through the tea strainer, as seaweed, as negigibly stroke of the brush on remaining cardboard. The N-side features some bucolic farsightednesses over a nearly pastoral landscape. Here and there a bird stops in the sky, so that the listener can cull it slow-handed from the firmament. The feet get lined by milky spume. When one has a look beneath this round it gets apparently detected by the nose (Uhlig's side): Dull tones out of a musty old building's cellar on which lays the mantle of mildew in fast motion. Soft, fleecy and unfit for consumption. A tribute to the rural lady. Lost in time and thought. The music, as transparent as the carrier material." (label info) comes on clear vinyl in special packaging.
in stock | DE| 2009| GENESUNGSWERK | 6.90

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