"Released on Germany's bpitchcontrol (Ellen Allien), US Tigerbeat6 (Kid606), Addict Component and his own label Btrendy, Mochipet's music has been described " potent as licking a page of micro-dots,bring on the hallucinations...." Setting luscious acoustic samples to a framework of inverted, complex beats, Mochipet creates soundscapes of frenetic sliced'n'diced breaks that are at once soothing and unsettling. Mostly unsettling. Think Squarepusher dueling banjos with Venetian Snares. Adding a healthy dose of the absurd, Mochipet's remixes take you on bizarre flights of Zappa-esque logic and arbitrary word association." (Steve Wong)
in stock | B| 2004| EX NIHILO | 9.90

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