"En Route" was created in 1986, when the era of analogue synths and rhythm machines seemed to be drawing to a close. Drum computers, samplers and digital instruments such as the Synclavier and Fairlight CMS would shape the immediate future of electronic music. Naturally, these wonderful machines formed a part of Plank's arsenal and were used extensively by him and Moebius. The duo explored the new devices with their inimitable, cheerful sense of abandon, but were wise enough not to rely on them entirely. Analogue instruments resurface time and again, such as trumpet (!), guitar and other sonic sources which are less easy to identify. Nor had Moebius packed his analogue synthesizers away in mothballs. Moebius and Plank were en route, "on the way" so to speak. A damned fine way at that. Sadly, "En Route" was to be the last in a sequence of five albums they recorded and released together." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| BUREAU B | 16.90

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