MONADE - Socialisme ou Barbarie (CD)

"Monade, if you haven't heard, is the nom de plume of Laetitia Sadier when she isn't fronting Stereolab with her singing, Moog playing, tambourine and, of late, trombone. The relatively spare arrangements of Socialisme ou Barbarie create a mood slightly more tranquil than Stereolab sounds of late, bringing to mind not only the Peng! era but also folky sounds not always associated with Laetitia's music up to this time. The setting allows for the beauty and simplicity of Monade's songs to shine through. In short, So cialisme ou Barbarie is perfect for bedroom reading." (LABEL INFO) debut cd from 2003
in stock | US| 2003| DRAG CITY | 8.90

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