"2012 repress since quickly sold-out & deleted 2005 press. Self-described as "...a cosmic rock relaxation creation to elevate sensory awareness to include the aura of intuitive perception of higher realm of human/divine consciousness using the astral body projection experience vehicle to pierce time/space/logic dimension barriers on the return voyage to the ultimate concept." CD Reissue of this classic 1974 private press album. On Stapleton's NWW list, of course. Moolah were a duo of Walter Burns and Maurice Roberson. "The [kozumitsuku] psychedelic album where 1974, two youths of New York are identified [mura] and announce. The piano, the keyboard and the percussion musical instrument electric set and electronic sound, esoteric Buddhism vocal sound, drawn, concrete sound, the delay effect, it is the work which is formed with tape opposite revolution." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | JP| 2012| EM RECORDS | 16.90

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