"LP limited edition of 299 copies. Thurston Moore, electric guitar. Margarida Garcia, electric doublebass. "With Sonic Youth on hold Thurston Moore has time to venture out into the world of improvised music and plays around a lot. The instruments are the electric guitar for Moore and the electric double bass for Garcia. The electricity brings a certain "body" to the proceedings, which makes it easy to play a bit more loudly than one would perhaps expect. Moore and Garcia don't play noise, but at the same time it's also not a very quiet and introspective recording. They will show you around in different places and spaces that belong to their world of improvisation. Meaning the guitar sounds like a guitar and the bass like a bass, topped with electronic effects, maybe a bow or two on each of these instruments, ending on a contemplative note towards the end of side B. Here the instruments are used the way they are (almost) intended, and as such perhaps this is part of a more conventional improvised space. Who cares? It was a great ride. Bumpy but lovely." FdW in Vital 933." (Manuel Mota)
soon in stock - please pre-order | PT| 2013| HEADLIGHTS | 16.90

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